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Our Partners Are Our Friends

We work with some of the most dedicated, focused, and talented growers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, and artisanal purveyors in the state of Texas. Our partner list is always growing and changing based on the season. Check back regularly to see who we’ve added to the team. For now, we’d like to shine a spotlight on these amazing partners.

Blue Horizon Seafood

Frixos founded Blue Horizon Seafood in 2002 after decades in the restaurant industry. He used his knowledge, passion and contacts to partner with the best Gulf Coast fisherman, and as a result, sources the freshest Gulf and important seafood in Houston. We love learning from him every time we have a conversation.

Katz Coffee

We’ve worked with Avi, Katz Coffee’s founder, since the 1990s. We love their small-batch, in-house roasted coffee hand sourced from the best fair trade coffee growers around the globe. We share their commitment to achieve coffee perfection.

Slow Dough Bread Co.

Slow Dough is more than a catchy name. It’s a nod to their reliance on time and fermentation to produce delicious taste and texture. They start with quality ingredients, knead with passion and soul and then let time work its magic the old-fashioned way. Heath and Marlo founded Slow Dough in 2009.

Falcon Lake Farms

We've had the pleasure of working with Felix even before he founded Black Hill Ranch in 2009. He started with just two acres in Cypress and a handful of pigs and grew Black Hill Ranch to over ten acres. Now Felix has founded Falcon Lake Farms offering some of the highest quality meats in Texas

Other Partners

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